An Ode To Our Culture

Howard Robertson
Founder and President of Ode Audio
Black heritage and history were always important parts of my life, especially growing up in the 50s and 60s in Memphis at the center of Black history, the Civil Rights movement, Black protests, Black music and Black culture.

I was raised in a historic church and exposed to famous Black icons. I grew up listening to America’s first Black format radio station. I began my career at a historic record company working with legendary recording artists. I was proudly a part of the historic 1977 acquisition of Memphis’ first Black-owned radio station.

All that, was motivation to do this…a radio and digital music app whose mission is to showcase Black culture, expression, entertainment and information worldwide.

I don’t know and it really doesn’t matter if we’re the “first” or not. There’re still not enough of us as custodians of our own culture, telling our own truths, in our own way, on our own platforms. Black entrepreneurism is an important part of our culture. But Black media ownership, especially in the digital audio realm has been anemic and weak. 
I was blessed with the name “Ode.” First, it’s an acronym for Our digital entertainment and by definition, an ode is a poetic tribute or musical expression to something or someone. This Ode is a tribute to Black culture and music.
We want you to hear us here and make Ode your central, go-to-place to be entertained, informed and engaged with excellent Black radio and programs.
My deepest gratitude to those specially-talented individuals whose interest and energies contributed to making this daydream come true. And if you’ve read this far…I mean you too.

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